Who We Are

Adnimate is a California-based marketing agency serving online and offline businesses with a wide range of products and services to help them succeed.
Our featured services include: video production, website development, placement of ads in regional editions of national magazines, Facebook page management, ad design services, development of credit card rewards programs for restaurants and other brick and mortar businesses, among others.
Our objective is help our clients succeed by positioning their brand, products and services.
We serve all clients, large and small.
We work with private firms, public sector agencies and nonprofit organizations and individual entrepreneurs.


Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

Chatbots Take Your Website to a New Level

  • Proven technology to generate lead
  • Drive sales
  • Available for multiple industries
  • Custom-made for your company
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Increase website engagement
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Customer friendly
  • Can you afford not to have one?

To order your chatbot, engage with our agency chatbot here.

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Our Awesome Products and Services

Email Marketing

Email marketing is targeted, accountable, measurable, cost efficient and effective. Reach up to 150 million consumers by geography, demography, interests.

Rewards Program

Restaurants and other brick and mortar businesses can now have credit card rewards programs for their customers. Rewards programs promote repeat visits and increase sales.

Website Development

All businesses need a website to establish an online presence and drive sales. Adnimate specializes in the development of leading-edge WordPress websites for any business niche.

Video Production

Adnimate specializes in the production of videos to promote online and offline businesses. We can also assist with the development of video marketing campaigns to position your business.

Magazine Ads

Promoting your business in top tier national magazines is possible. Adnimate places your ad in regional editions of prestigious publications, lowering costs to reach your audience.


Adnimate is available to develop a customized marketing strategy for your business, utilizing any or all products and services available. Contact us now to start the process.

Stick With What You Do Best … Leave the Email Marketing to Us

Drive Leads and Sales with Hyper-Targeted Email Campaigns

  • Adnimate email marketing service delivers results.
  • Email marketing is still the method consumers prefer to receive offers and promotions.
  • Adnimate can help you reach virtually any demographic and geographic group to promote your offers.
  • Select by location (i.e. city, county, state, zip code, DMA).
  • Select by age, gender, education, income, etc.
  • Select by areas of interest (i.e. cooking, travel, sports and more).
  • Our database of consumers is 150 million strong and it is updated daily.
  • All emails are opt in or double opt in, no bots.
  • We are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and follow all DMA guidelines.
  • Performance report for each campaign.
  • Exceptional ROI.
  • Place your order today!

Did You Know?


Million US Businesses


% of American Businesses Without Website


% Increase in Conversion With Video


($Billion) Value US eCommerce 2018

Video Marketing Works

In 2018 only 63% of businesses used video as a marketing tool but this will increase to 81% in 2019.
Is video an integral part of your marketing strategy?
Are you producing new and creative content on an ongoing basis?
Contact us to help you video marketing efforts succeed.

Video Marketing Statistics

Video as % of Internet traffic 80%
% consumers who found product videos helpful 90%
Increase in conversion rates in landing pages with video 80%
% of users who recalled video ad after 30 days 80%

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