Shopify Secrets Ebook

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Shopify Secrets Ebook

Get the Shopify Secrets Ebook, packed with 78 pages of information to help you learn about ecommerce and set up your online stores. It is an excellent source of information for newbies and experienced online entrepreneurs.

In addition to the ebook, get free of charge the Shopify Cheatsheet and Shopify Checklist.

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Shopify Secrets Ebook


Shopify Secrets Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction to ecommerce

1. Choosing products that are right for your store
2. Determining your market size
3. Identifying your target customer
4. Evaluating the competition
5. Making yourself unique among competitors
6. Understanding digital, physical and subscription products
7. Making yourself a niche expert
8. Laws, regulations and restrictions for your business & your products

Part Two: Setting up Shopify

9. Where to Get Your Products
10. Choosing the right Shopify package
11. Shopify compared to other ecommerce platforms
12. Your initial setup
13. Adding your products to your store
14. Setting up your shipping
15. Customizing your payment solutions & taxes
16. Customizing your ecommerce website.

Part Three: Making your Shopify store a success.

17. Other features & add-ons you can use with Shopify
18. Using Shopify’s learning tools
19. Niche Marketing
20. Using social media effectively
21. Spotting and cashing in on trends
22. Holiday selling


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